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Trying to find a case for the Samsung Ace 2 X

We bought our daughter the Samsung Ace 2 X this weekend and are trying to find a case. All the cases I see online are for the Ace 2 not the x. Does anyone know how the 2 is different from the 2x? Will a case that says only 2 fit her phone. Is there anywhere at a store to actually find them?

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Aha my husband didn't tell me it was a galaxy ace! Thank you 🙂
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Online only and a little more expensive - (wait a few seconds for the page to fully load) the page should show a total of 16 cases for the Galaxy Ace 2x. http://www.futureshop.ca/en-ca/case-finder.aspx?icmp=ilc_cam-110505-casefinder-pdp&phoneBrand=For%20Samsung%20Models&phoneModel=Galaxy%20Ace%20II%20X