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Trying to connect an elephone P6000 to koodo network with no luck

Im trying to connect to the koodo network with a unlocked Elephone P6000 I tested the simm in another phone service works but I can not get the elephone to connect to the network.

 I have checked all the APN setting seem to match but it just keeps coming up no service. I looked at all the frequencies and it should be able to run on the  LTE 2100 mhz network. 

I have also tried a bell simm in it with no luck either and the phone used to work on rogers.

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Looks like the phone uses the 2G network on Rogers.

For Bell and Koodo you need 3G to make calls and text.  LTE only works for Data
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Koodo requires LTE 1700/2100. You need both frequencies for it to work properly.
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my best suggestion would be to go to your nearest Koodo shop and upgrade to a new phone, as it will be guaranteed to work on Koodo's network.
Hope that helps!
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If you decide to replace the phone, check any non-Koodo replacement against