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troubles with the Sims

I bought a motorola motoE from Staples, unlocked. but I cat get it to recognize the sim card from my old phone, a Samsung Galaxy discover.

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Doesn't the discover use a regular sized SIM card and the Moto E uses a micro SIM? It wouldn't even fit to begin with. You need to get a micro SIM from a Koodo store or retailer for $10 + tax, activate it online through Self Serve, and then pop it in your Moto E.
K thanks. And yes. I took my sim back to where I bought the Samsung and the cut it with a specialised tool and no luck. No biggie 10$ ain't bad. Thanks again Jonathan.
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Ah okay. Yeah if regular sized SIMs aren't cut exactly the same way that a micro is shaped then they won't be recognized by the phone. I had that happen with one of my customers when I was at Mobile Shop last year.