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Trouble ordering LG G5 Order via Koodo website?

Is anyone else having trouble ordering the LG G5 from Koodo's website? I have contacted their customer service and their web-store - somehow, none of them are able to help me! Their standard response is system glitch and someone's working on it, and it has been 4 days since I have been unable to order this phone. My previous tab is paid off, yet during ordering, the message says due to error in my profile, I cannot order the phone. Koodo CSR says my profile is all good. This is the worst CSR service from any phone company I have ever seen. Apparently others also have the same problem, but I see no recent complaints regarding the same.

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It could be the credit card. If the address on the credit card doesnt match the address in self serve. It will give yu an error. Im assuming your using a Credit Card to make the payment on top of the tab?
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Im not able to order it either but I get this error instead.

Do you have a screen shot of your error?

Have you tried clearing your browser's cache and cookies?
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Hey Stephen! We are currently working on an issue that is preventing some users from upgrading their phones (same error message as Dennis). Have you tried ordering again? Let us know!
Hey all,
Thanks for all your responses.

Dennis - that's the exact same error I have been getting for 4 days. Chadwick - there is no error with the credit card address. And I had tried with cleared cache/cookies, and even had tried ordering in Chrome's incognito mode - none of that was working.

However, last night I was finally able to proceed with the order successfully. While I am relieved that I was able to order, I am extremely irritated by this experience - it was really frustrating to go through so many hoops and call so many people in Koodo with the same error; they seem uncoordinated. At the very end, one Koodo support CSR did give me a small credit towards the phone which while I did appreciate somehow did not seem like enough - just my gas bill in going to/from the mall to visit Koodo store ate up most of that given credit. Nonetheless, if I had other choices I would have gone with them.

In any case, this chapter is finally over - now I have to wait and see how long it'll take for this phone to arrive.