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Treat Members Better then New Customers

I have been a customer for more than two years. I have already gone through two phone and paid off there tabs. I love the great customer service I get with this company and I don't want to leave them. For example every time I call to complain they listen, ask for clarification, then help me. At bell they interrupt me, don't understand me then they don't have the authority to do anything anyway. That aside I need a new phone and I have been looking for a good deal on a Canadian phone. Phone wise I am better to go with another company but I like your service. I was on the website one day when I saw a Canadian Phone with 50 dollar.gift. I went in to a location to see about it and the people were like, Oh sorry but that is only for new customers. Normally I would just ignore that but not after you did something else. Every so many months I get a phone call from Koodo about internet. Their story is that I am such a great customer that they want to give me free internet. As we all know the idea is that I'll get hooked on it and then I'll pay for internet. I just feel like if Koodo really thinks I am so great the give me bonus before people you've never done business with.

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Agree completely. I think the fact they have this forum and yet do nothing with complaints tell you all you need to know lol I used to tell people about Koodo, I still do. I just tell them they are crap now