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Travelling to US and only want texts

  • 8 September 2019
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I am travelling to the U.S. and don't want to pay $8 per day for my current plan usage. All I want to use is texts. So please confirm that I'm understanding this correctly. If I turn my data off and don't make or receive any calls, I will be charged $10 per 100 texts for the duration of my trip (6 days)? I've seen some posts regarding this but they are either very old or don't answer my question. Thank you
Koodo - For the record, I loved it when I was on pre-paid and I could add a booster for the U.S. Since I was using my phone more and more for talking I was convinced to switch to post-paid. I regret it every time I go to the USA. Perhaps you could consider this. It would be unique to you and would bring in a lot of new customers. I'd rant about it!

2 replies

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That's correct. Keep roaming off, especially data, and you'll get charged 10 bucks per 100 outgoing SMS. Personally I'd grab a T-Mobile tourist SIM for a little more for full usage as you want.
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AFAIK, on Koodo post-paid the first text costs you $10, then the next 99 are free UNTIL your billing date, where the $10- then-99 free cycle kicks in again.

If you are at all a frequent visitor to the US, prepaid may be the way to go. You might consider buying a second SIM. Set your post-paid number to forward to your prepaid, and just use the boosters while in the US. They will stay alive as long as you renew your $15 baseplan every 89 days.

The more recent prepaid plans offer unlimited talk and text in Canada, so maybe look into them plus US boosters as a singular alternative. Things have changed...