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Traveling to Cuba

I am going to Cuba in a couple of weeks and want to take my phone so I can access facebook to send messages home. I have a Motorola XP and the basic Koodo plan. What should I do so I don't get a bunch of unexpected charges.

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If you are in hotel where there is WiFi connection you have access to almost everything/data without any charges at all (remove the SIM to prevent unexpected and expensive connections). If you want to use your own system, get a local SIM card.
Cuba has next to zero internet access. There's no free wifi anywhere. And when you do pay for it, its pretty hit and miss. Best to leave your phone at home and enjoy the trip. We were just there at Christmas. It's a wonderful place. You won't miss Facebook.
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Hey Jo! Koodo offers an add-on that will allow to talk, text and even go on the internet for $40 http://koo.do/trvllng. If you decide to purchase an add-on, please make sure to add it, by texting the proper code to Koodo, before going to Cuba. Enjoy your vacation!