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how come koodo dose not work in cuba it be good if it did.

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Hey Larry, Have you tried to scan available networks manually? Which phone are you using? Your Koodo phone should work in Cuba, to get access to Pay-Per-Use rates in Cuba, you must add the following add-ons to your account: - International Voice Roaming - International Data Roaming You don't need additional add-ons if you've already purchased a Caribbean or Mexico Add-on. Click here: http://koo.do/Im7Mcg Keep us posted! ******************************************** If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Hey there. I remember I've been confronted to the same problem and I think it is because I didn't have one of those 2 add-ons. I've never went back in Cuba since then so I can't tell you if it work or not. IMO' it should work because Koodo has "coverage" in that area!
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@ Larry Do you by any chance have a spending limit on your account?