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Transferring WIND phone to Koodo plan

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a Nexus 6P under a WIND plan. I have found service to be lacking, so I would like to unlock my phone and transer the phone and it's number to my Koodo plan which is under a different number. I have heard people talk about frequencies, which I know nothing about. Am I able to do this and keep my WIND number while dropping my Koodo number?

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So your Nexus 6p is sold factory unlocked , no need to unlock it. And yes it will work with koodo. You can keep your wind number but I think you may have to call Koodo and speak to a rep since you want to use the wind number on an existing line.
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Hey Doug,
You can check if you can move your number to Koodo through this link: https://secure.koodomobile.com/checktransfereligibilityparrot/default.do?lang=en&appname=otherpo...

Hopefully, this helps.