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Ok, so I got the Samsung Note 4 today. So far I love it. For the past year and a bit I have been using the S4, so of course I got a crap load of apps/contacts/pics etc on my S4 that I want to move over to the Note 4. is there an App or something that can make this simple for me? Any suggestions?

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Your apps should download automatically, mine did. Contacts, where do you store them? If in Gmail, they too will be synced automatically. That leaves pictures, there are several methods. Google+ backup, Dropbox backup or just transfer them using a computer (copy them from your S4 to the computer, then from the computer to your Note 4. Congrats on a great purchase, glad you like your Note! Can't wait for mine 😃
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I found Samsung Smart Switch on the Play Store, does pretty much everything. Niffty little app!
It couldn't be easier with a phone to phone transfer program. Simply open it, connect both the phones to your computer and click start transfer. Phone numbers, photos, songs, videos and other media files are moved to your new phone.