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Transferring contacts to Samsung galaxy S3 phone

How do I transfer my contacts from my Samsung tab 2 to my samsung galaxy S3 phone ?

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Contacts should be synced to gmail. the moment you sign in with your gmail account on your s3 the contacts should be there! if not merge the contacts from the tablet to the gmail and sign in again with your gmail account on the s3
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if you have a MicroSD card, insert it into your MicroSD slot, go into contacts, hit the menu button, and choose Export to SD. Then put the card into your S3, and Import from SD (in the same spot)
How to move contacts from Samsung to Samsung
: move contacts from Samsung to Samsung via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct 
1.Open the Contacts app on your Samsung and tap on the Menu button at the bottom-left. 
2.Tap on “Import/Export” > “Share namecard via”, then select the contacts you want to transfer. You can tap on “Select all” to transfer all your contacts. 
3.Via Bluetooth: Tap on “Bluetooth” and select the device to which you want to send the contacts. Then on the receiving device, accept the Bluetooth authorization request. 
Via Wi-Fi Direct: Tap on “Wi-Fi Direct”and select the device to which you want to copy the contacts. Then on the receiving device, grant the permission for Wi-Fi Direct connection.
The data transfer between two phones, you can use professional data transfer tool, cuz it is not possible to transfer data between different operation systems. Some professional transfer programs allow you to share data between android phones, or android and iphone without limitations of different operation systems. Transfer contacts to samsung.
If you want to transfer data between android and android, there're many android data transfer apps could help, it could transfer data between android device and computer in few steps.
You can transfer data from one phone to computer first, then connect the other one to computer and import data from computer to it.
how to transfer contacts between samsung and computer
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@Joanna: you should be able to transfer contacts, apps, and a even apps settings on Android phones running Android 6.0 or later just by signing in for the first time on a new phone and agreeing to import everything from a previous Android device.
For files, you could:
1. use a memory card (now even an OTG adapter can make it easier to skip the computer)
2. connect both devices to a computer via USB
3. use Bluetooth (which is slow)
4. use a file syncing app such as dropbox