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Transferring a Call

Hi I am looking to see if there is a business like option where I can transfer calls from my Koodo Cell to my partner's Koodo Cell. My cell is Alberta based and hers is Quebec based so when an Alberta client needs to talk to her, can I just forward the call from my phone after answering? 

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Of course! Make sure you add the $3 call forwarding option in Koodo self-serve, and make sure your plan includes unlimited nation-wide calling (if you need that). You can forward an AB number to a QC number.
If you plan on using the AB number for call forwarding only to the QC number, it'll likely be more cost-effective for you to port the AB number to a VOIP carrier (such as Fongo/Freephoneline, or even Voip.ms). Fongo/Freephoneline will work at no monthly charge assuming that the QC number is from a major QC city (like MTL/QC city/Gatineau/etc.).
If you don't add the $3 call forwarding option in self-serve and you call forward on pay per use, you'll likely rack up a hefty bill. Also, if you're not on unlimited nation-wide calling as part of your plan, you can incur hefty usage charges.
If you must do cellular call forwarding long term, consider pre-paid options like Public Mobile or Chatr who likely include call forwarding at no extra charge.
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If you mean can you transfer a call instantly (when it comes in, you answer and then transfer it to another person), then no, Koodo doesn't offer that feature... alas!
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Possibly you could use conference calling to similar effect. Once you have introduced the caller to your colleague, you can exit the conversation, leaving them to finish.