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Transfer Contacts + Whatnot S4 to LG k$

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Is there a way to transfer info from a Samsung S4 to a LG K4?

My wife dropped her S4, so we got her a LG K4 as a temp replacement.  The s4 is fully fuctional, except the screen in non-fuctional.  he screen does not display anything.  I can plug it into my computer and retreive pics, but what about Contacts?  Retreiving Text messages would be nice as well, but more concerned with Contacts.

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Were your contacts backed up to the Google account the old phone was set up with? If so just sign into your Google account on the new and choose to sync everything to the new phone and your contacts should now be there on the new phone. Set up over wifi if possible to avoid using your cellular data.
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No unfortunately she did not sync up to her google account. Everything was stored locally on her phone
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If the S4 has root access, you should be able to navigate to the Contacts database from your computer by navigating to the following directory: /data/data/android.providers.contacts/databases. Same goes for text messages: /dbdata/databases/com.android.providers.telephony/mmssms.db. Without root, there's little chance your contacts and text messages are retrievable, sorry.
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