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If im a customer of another company can i transfer my phone number over with a new service with koodo

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You certainly can. You can go into any store and activate a new line. Just have your account number and pin (if applicable) handy from your old carrier as it is required to port (transfer) your phone number.

Note that porting your number will automatically cancel your line with your current carrier and you will be charged any applicable device balance and will receive a "final bill" once your billing cycle with that carrier passes
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Hi Benjamin,

Yes you can. When you go to the Koodo kiosk, tell them you want to port your phone over to Koodo. They will be able to unlock your phone (as it's android), transfer your existing phone number and activate your existing phone and phone number to the Koodo network and get you going. If you want a new phone, you are also able to activate a new Tab with Koodo while at the kiosk.