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Trading my new HTC one m8 with an Iphone 5s

Does Koodo, or anyone else out there wants to trade their Iphone 5s with my new HTC one m8 ? Although I am not a big advocate of Apple products, but since I got a new Honda Civic EX that only supports IOS Iphone 5 or up (unfortunately) at this time, I need this trade. My HTC is only 3 weeks old, as I did not know that I will get a civic as my new car back then when I purchased this phone from Koodo. Thanks.

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Hi Nez, I think your best bet will be posting your m8 as a trade for an iphone 5s or selling it for an appropriate price on craigslist and kijiji.
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Unfortunately you can only return phones within 15 days, Nez, so yes Daniel's suggestion sounds best right now. Sorry 😞