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Trading in for a new Phone.

So I currently own a Nexus 5 with 160$ left to pay off. I also have the large tab attached to it. I was thinking of getting the Iphone 6 plus, and was wondering how that would work. Do I need to pay off the remainder of the phone? Can I bring my phone back, and use some of the vaule of the phone for the upgrade? How exactly does it all work?

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The remaining tab balance will go towards your next bill from time of the upgrade. Also, the kiosk will give you a value of your Nexus 5 which can be used towards a bigger discount from the phone of your choosing. Also, if you'd like you can change your plan if you wish not to go with the large tab again. Keep in mind, you'd have to pay more up front for the phone if you wish to go this route.
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What I suggest you do since you will need to pay your tab is to sell your Nexus 5 online (http://www.kijiji.ca/) so you can pay your tab with it and then buy the 6+ on the Tab you want. Trading in your phone will not be the best thing to do becasue your phone will be valued much less then it really is!
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And never use a Tab L. Over a 2 year period you end up paying way more for your phone plus monthly plan