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To Whom it May Concern, My name is Marjan, I was wondering if I could trade in my phone for the iPhone. I have an older model phone, how much would it cost me to upgrade? I got an email from you letting me know that I can upgrade my phone. I hope that you can help me out. Thank you for your time. Marjan

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Cost of upgrade will depend on which tab you decide to go with, if you have to pay out the remainder if your negative tab, the value of the trade in. The best way to find out is to go into the shop.
Thanks for replying to me so soon. I pay for my phone monthly, I don't have a negative tab. I had a slide phone, what do you suggest for me to do with my phone. I would love to upgrade my phone. I will go to the nearest Kodoo station to see if they can help me. Thanks again for your help.
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Well most places who do Koodo postpaid offer some type of trade-in program for your old phone but it may not be worth very much at this point, especially if it's CDMA (no SIM card). If you want an iPhone... then you could take the 4S 8GB, which I believe is still on promo for $300/free on Tab M. Tab M stipulations are you must already have a $30 plan (or else you have to switch) + $5 Tab charge to help pay off the subsidy. Will clear after 24 months or less. This is the best value for any more expensive phone with a mid-range rate plan. The other options are the 5C in blue or white for $475 on Tab S/$325 on Tab M or the 5S in gold or space grey for $575 on Tab S/$425 on Tab M. If you want to stay with Tab S (up to -150 off a phone) and keep your old plan no matter what with no extra fees, nothing beats the Moto G or Desire 601 right now. They're both very capable Androids at great prices of 0 on Tab S... Mobile Shop has the Desire for $0, Koodo will charge you $50, but they're going fast! For solid all around performance with good build quality and screen resolution, go with the Moto G. For a more unique interface, front facing speakers, removable battery and expandable memory slot to pack music, pictures, etc. then take the Desire 601.