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Tracking someone via the GPS in the phone?

  • 10 July 2015
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I am a new Koodo Prepaid customer; my phone is an HTC Desire 320.

When I turned the phone on last week and looked around, I noticed that there was an option to see my exact location on a Google Map. That was pretty cool. Call me paranoid if you like but is there any way that anyone else can track me down in the same way, by just going to a  webpage or app and typing in my phone  number? I see that done on cop shows fairly often. Someone that was looking for me would have to know my phone number and have a court order to track me that way, right? I'm in Ontario since the answer may depend on the laws for a given province.

I'm not actually on the run from anyone; I'm just curious what safeguards there are to protect my privacy. :-)

To tell you the truth, if I were a parent, I think I'd want to be able to track my kids with their phones WITHOUT needing a court order. Then again, if I were hiding from someone, I think I'd like that they couldn't just determine my location by going to a website and typing in my number.

3 replies

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No, those cop shows are different because they have special software/permissions and probably even employ white hat hackers to get someone's location. Simply having it on is for Google to know where you are for certain apps to work. It's not available for a stranger to just look you up.
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I use this almost daily. https://maps.google.com/locationhisto...
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I use this almost daily. [url=https://maps.google.com/locationhistory/b/0]https://maps.google....Didn't know what that pesky bug was hovering around my ears today. Can you get me a good deal on a drone if we buy in bulk? :-)

Google has to wise up and show where they're paving the 10 today or I'm not gping to pay them for any more free services.