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Timing for buying a new phone

So I bought a LG G4 at the beginning of January. I assumed that it would get one software update and I can probably root the phone in the last year to get whatever Android O is. So I get the phone only to realize two weeks later that the G5 went for the same price as I bought my G4 for. I contacted Koodo and they said they can't do anything. So I went on with my time with the phone, hating myself for the timing. But then I found out that this phone isn't even getting the newest version of Android which is Nougat. So how am I supposed to make this phone last 2 years when it won't even get the new version of Android. I was hoping there was something Koodo can do for me. I have been a Koodo Customer for 10 years and only been disappointed a few times but the issues are always solved except this one. I'm willing to return my G4 for the G5 if at all possible

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Phone updates are regulated by the manufacturer, Mustafa, not by Koodo. It's sad they decided not to update the phone to Android N... but as you are an advanced user obviously, you can root it (at your own risk!) and put any ROM you want on it so no need to despair 🙂
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There are an immense number of folks happily using their phones for 2 years without the most recent release of Android. As Sophia states, if you want the bleeding edge, you'll likely need to root your device!

Thank you for your fast comments. I was hoping to root as well and I would be fine with that, except for the fact that it is impossible to root the Canadian version of the LG G4. I've spent majority of today trying to find a way to root it and to no avail. The only way for you to root marshmallow is to get an unlock code from LG. And they don't offer it for the Canadian version