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"This phone has been flashef with unauthorized software" error

  • 1 November 2020
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I've had this phone (Samsung Galaxy A71) for two months. I was just browsing the internet, when my phone restarts all of a sudden and I get a blue screen and an error message "This phone has been flashed with unauthorized software and is now locked."

I restart the phone and it seems to work fine but sometimes when I turn it off I get the same message. I'm concerned that I may have encountered malware that downloaded something onto my phone, but I checked in safe mode, ran antivirus programs, nothing. I haven't installed any custom firmware or downloaded suspicious apps. I tried to read up on how to fix it but I don't want to accidentally brick my phone. What should I do? I use this phone a lot and I'm very worried I'll try to start it up and it just won't work or someone's doing nefarious things with my information. Help! 

3 replies

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It seems like you need to download the correct firmware and flash your phone with Odin software. You can follow step-by-step instructions using this video. If it doesn’t work even after you follow this, you might want to bring it to your local Samsung store or submit a service request on their website. 

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Sounds like you got the phone 2nd hand and a custom recovery installed on it like TWRP.

What happens when you try to install a update your OS or try a factory reset?

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I’ve used Sammobile over the years for flashing stock firmware images onto Samsung devices. On the Sammobile site, click Download Firmware. You’ll need your phones’ model number; SM-A715W, then select Koodo or (KDO) for the carrier. The link below shows your phone and the latest firmware update available. Click on Download Odin v3.14.4 this link will download Odin to your computer. Full instructions on how to use Odin are on Sammobile’s firmware download page.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Firmware file list

Samsung Galaxy A71 Firmware (link only, latest firmware update 2020-09-28)

Download times are slow so be prepared for this.