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Thinking of Buying a Moto G...

Hi, I am thinking of buying a Moto G. I have a few questions. If I buy the phone ($150) the retail price. Will I be able to own the phone without a plan, or is there a catch to it?

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Yes, there is a catch: you can only buy the phone for $150 if you pick Koodo as your provider, or already have a plan with them. For non-customers you need to buy the prepaid version of the Moto G which is $200 - still a good price 🙂
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To get it for the $150 outright price, you'd need to sign up for at least one month of postpaid service. This involves a credit assessment and government issued IDs. If you cancel before the first billing cycle even generates, sure you can walk away with the phone, but you just made a small hit on your credit, the store will lose the profit (if any) they made on the sale, and any commissions that were paid out to any reps get clawed back. You'd be wasting both the rep and the company's time and money if you just buy and cancel right away.
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Ryan, you may get lucky at FutureShop locations. I was there yesterday and saw one person walking away with one @ $150 outright. Didn't sign up anything. I've done it twice myself in the past for different phones (an original HTC Desire from Telus and a Koodo Lumia 610) and FutureShop hasn't refused to sell me a phone outright yet. Of course, even at $200 on prepaid, the G is still an amazing deal!