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The teller guy set me up for a plan thats 40$ a month. And online it says i have to pay 60$Do i call them?

Is there some kind of hidden fee? The teller guy set me up for a plan thats 40$ a month. And online it says i have to pay 60$. i am new to this because in the past i just used pay as you go. Do i call them?

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Before you call. Did you get the phone at a discoutn2? If so the koodo tab will had a certain amount of money for 3 years i think it is or until you pay the balance off
They do that to me as well and changed my plan so gonna wait and of it is $10 to $20 higher I'll try to get the answers on why?Seems like I'm calling customer service to much...getting fed up
I didnt have high enough credit to get a sweet phone so i just paid for a samsung galaxy 3 for 130$ refurbished. The reason why i did this is so after 6 payments i could get a better plan. So the term is more flexible and im not paying off the actual phone ? Which is why i dont understand why its 20$ more than it should be.
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wait till you receive your first bill and it should have a break down of what costs what if you don't feel like waiting that long give them a call and they may be able to explain it in detail better for you 
hope that helps 
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In Self Serve you should be able to see the breakdown of your Bill. 
Just click on Pay Bill and it will bring you to page where you can download your bill in pdf that you can view or print.
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"Don't be surprised by the amount on your first monthly bill. Your bill includes charges from your activation date to your billing date plus the next full month in advance. 

This means that you'll see a partial charge for your plan and add-ons for the days prior to your bill date in addition to the complete monthly charge. You'll see partial charges on your bill anytime you change plans or add-ons."

Here's a video to help you understand