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The service bars keep going up and down on my lg g3. Wondering if its the phone or the area i live in, im in wasaga beach

  • 5 August 2015
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5 replies

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The bars always go up and down as the signal increases and decreases, does your phone completely lose reception, if not then it's nothing to worry about in most cases. While typing this my phone went from 3 bars to 5 bars to 4 bars and it's completely normal, nothing to worry about.
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Those bars are an inaccurate representation of signal strength. Without seeing the exact dBm value, I wouldn't worry about it, especially if you're not experiencing any connection problems.
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Bars on the phone are just barely decorations. Download from Google Play:


or something similar. Gives fairly instanteneous readings for voice and data in -dBm units. As long as you show less than 100 -dBm, you should be able to communicate. If you can send yourself a text and receive it promptly, then the network connection is working.

Even in areas that have good coverage, it’s not uncommon to have dead zones. Stay away from large metallic objects such as wrought iron railings and open any metallic window blinds.

Had a local problem with trees galore at home in a rural area and was able to find a “hot spot” where everything works.

There are sister apps that will do the same for WiFi coverage as well.

Thanks for the help. I havent lost service but it has gone over 100, the worse that has happen is a text has taken about a mintue to send. I use to be with bell so just not use to the service bars foing up and down...lol
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Thanks for the help. I havent lost service but it has gone over 100, the worse that has happen is...Chances are that's more to do with the phone than the service since Bell and Telus and their subsidiaries share towers so it's basically all the same nomatter who your with of the main providers in Canada.