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The phone turns on everytime I get a text. Can I turn this off?

Hey so I was wondering if i can make my phone so that the phone does not turn on(like the light coming up to the lock screen) everytime i get a text instead of turning of all the notification? Thanks.

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What kind of your phone you are using to be able to help you out?
i am using a galaxy s2x. Sorry for not mentioning it earlier
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I looked into the settings and there doesn't seem to be a way to shut that off... so perhaps you could try a different messaging app like Handcent or Chomp and see what settings are available there?
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Hey Andy... Since you posted the question I was looking for an answer, I have the same phone you carry, the S IIX, trust me, tried everything possible on the phone itself and couldn't find anything though... Just disable it completely... I will try what Jonathan says to see what the outcome is...