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The on off button on my phone fell out will you fix/replace my phone?

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Hi Cindy, If your phone is still under manufacturor's warranty and has no visible sign of accidental damages you may be able to get it replaced under warranty. If not, do you pay the 6$ per month for the extended warranty? If you do, then you can use that warranty to get this fixed. If you have no warranty whatsoever, then you can get it fixed at your own cost. Whichever option you will go with, you will need to begin by calling Koodo by dialling *611 or 1 (866) 995-6636 to get you on your way to get this fixed!
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That's most likely seen as physical damage and is not covered under the manufacturers warranty. You can go into a Koodo shop to try and send it in for warranty repair, if it turns out its not covered, Koodo will call you and tell give you a quote as to how much it is to fix which you can accept or decline. If you decline, the phone is just returned back to you.
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You could always try yourself but you would need to present yourself to a Koodo store or call the company your phone is from