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  • 15 July 2015
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Every other text is not going through on my phone...Is koodoo having technical problems or what?

7 replies

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Are the texts that don't go through to the same person? If not, would you happen to know if they're all to the same provider?
different people...different providers

My son..same provider..my aunt-rogers and my friend- virgin

I am having the same problem! Even tried texting myself, which also failed to send. 
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Try to pull the battery and sim for a few mins and try again
It smartened up...but now..it started again today. 
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It smartened up...but now..it started again today. Hi Sonya, you should contact our technical support so we can have a look into it. We can be reached at 1-866-995-6636 from another phone, option #6. Thank you!