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text from 5144

  • 19 November 2020
  • 6 replies

I received an attachment on a text from 5144. Is it legit

6 replies

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@Kathy Moncton What was the content of the SMS?

I did not open it as I was afraid it was a hacker. So it is legitimately from Koodo?

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@Kathy Moncton  You could open the SMS and not proceed with the “attachment”…. we do send offers to our customers via SMS, so it wouldn’t be surprising if that is what you received.  Once you open the SMS and see the message we should be able to confirm.

I got it. Thanks. 

I keep getting them also. Quite annoying! I don't open the attachment  since there is no info on what it could be. I just delete, but this text keeps coming in. 


Yes. It's just a promotion if you add a friend or family member to Koodo.  I have deleted mine as well.