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Text and Wi-fi problems!

I can't send text message anymore, why? Plus, I am being charge for wi-fi and I am not even using it, I'm just texting (when it works) and calling! So why do I have to pay for it?

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You can't send text messages anymore as in they aren't being delivered? As for WiFi, if you are talking about mobile browser, many applications on a phone will use some background data depending on the phone you have. If your mobile browser is turned off your phone should not be able to access the internet and therefore you should not be billed for it. If you are using WiFi you will not get charged for it, only the phones mobile internet.
You would not be charged for wifi - a lot of phones are set up to allow you to connect with wireless but Koodo does not support it as you are connecting over the internet. For wifi you would need to speak with your Internet Service Provider As to your texting problems, have you tried pulling the battery and the sim for about 30 sec, or putting the phone in airplane mode for the same length of time. That may work.