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Test ROM backup without overwriting original ROM

  • 11 November 2014
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I have a 1st generation 8GB Moto G from Koodo Mobile. I am in the final stretch of reading to back up the original OS in preparation to install CyanogenMod. I will do the backup by running CWM (not flashed to phone). I prefer such backup over downloading the stock ROM for the vendor. Before I request the unlock key and void my warranty, I would like to at least have a clear idea of how I would verify the backup after have made it. What is the best way to do this? I would like to see that it has captured everything and I can boot to Android from it, but I want to test this without overwriting the original ROM on the phone. Also, do I have to get the download key to even perform the fastboot backup? I will not be writing CWM to the phone in for this step: fastboot boot [i]

2 replies

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If you root the device and get cyanogen mod on the phone youre stuck with a rooted phone i tried everyway to get my s4 back to touchwiz(to sell not to use cause touchwiz is hideous). but i couldnt get it to un root. However if you run a different rom over cyanogen you can get it back to cyanogen by factory resetting. You dont need to uynlock the phone to Root either if that is a concern.
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I'll cross the rooting bridge when I encounter the need. Right now, I just want to take the first essential baby step. To capture the OS as-is, without root. Then to verify it, without overwriting the original with the backup (if possible). Correction to my original post: The command to run CWM without writing to the device should be "fastboot boot image.img". The image is CWM. I'm not sure what exactly happens, whether the entire img file is sent to the phone but simply not in the recovery partition (otherwise, it's the same as flashing). The online info for running without flashing is decidedly much rarer tha for installing CWM onto the device. Regardless of whether I just boot or flash to phone, it's not clear to me whether CWM is a 2-part app, with pieces running on the phone and the computer. Also, there is a touch version of CWM, and I haven't found a good description of the pro's/cons on which to base a decision. If you have an opinion on this, thanks if you can share.