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Terrible way to treat people

Good day, I have been a customer of yours for almost 2 years now. See on December 24. 2015 walked into a Walmart and purchased a phone/contract with Koodo’s. For 2 years the service has been amazing. No problems till about a month ago. See I realized that my contract was coming to an end. I needed a new phone since mine was no longer keeping a charge, will no longer connect to Wi-Fi………….I called to find out if I was eligible for an upgrades. Was advised that nothing was available for me and it was recommended that I proceed with an offer that another company made for me. I must say; that sure made me feel like a valued customer. I planned to follow that advise and go with the other company as soon as my contract was up; Christmas Eve. My husband knows about the issues I am having with my phone and walked into Walmart looking to make another deal. He wanted to surprise me with a new/functional phone for Christmas. The Walmart rep called Koodo’s to make the arrangements and guess what they said…absolutely not. This is not an account that is eligible. WHY??? Because I am a delinquent account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You people are quite the bunch; I had payment arrangements with you guys. I was to pay $75.00 today. Which I did. The other $75.00 on January 5, 2018. You call this delinquent??? Then I try to call you guys and of course I am left on hold for more than an hour cause no one wants to speak to me; I am no longer of any value to you. You know. I get it. BUT frankly, what a terrible way to treat people. Thank you for the years of service that you did felt I was worthy. I will be in touch on the 24th to discuss the cancellation so I can find a company that wants my business. Merry Christmas.

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Hi there!

I am sorry to hear what is happening to you... You are a valued customer, probably what they meant is that as long as your account is sitting on a past due, upgrades will not go through in store... When there is a past due, the system blocks all transactions in store, like upgrades...

I will suggest to pay your past due with a Credit Card so like this the payment goes through right away, and then discuss what other options or incentives you will get to upgrade.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
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Hi Louise,
I am so sorry you feel this way about Koodo. A delinquent account means that the full bill balance is not being paid in full each month. If you carry a bill balance, your account can be classified as delinquent. To upgrade you phone, you have to pay off your past due amount. Not necessarily the full bill balance but the at least the past due.
If you have a past due balance, an upgrade is not possible until it is paid. This a policy that applies to everyone including me.