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Temporary switching phone

I work in an area where there is only a CDMA service. Is there a possibility I can change my phone (using a SIM) to a old CDMA phone every month when I am there. If so do I simply go in (Self Serve- Change phone- Update my curent phone) and I enter the MEID of the old phone. And when I come back to Montreal, I do the same but I re-enter my SIM card number of my Galaxy? I was told that you CAN NOT reactivate a SIM card, is this true, will I need to buy a new SIM card every month? Thanks

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Generally speaking, yes sim cards can not be re-used. However, in your case it can. You can re-register the same sim card to the same number on the same account within 90 days. After 90 days, you need a new sim card. So just make sure you don't go over 90 days before switching back to sim card. Also, whenever you switch to the CDMA phone, you need to program it. Instructions here: http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/activating-your-phone-new/how-do-i-program-my-CDMA-koodo-phone-new. And last but not least, the CDMA network is shutting down within a year just to let you know
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I'm fairly certain you don't need programming if the # is staying the same. You would only need it if you were trying to register a new phone # onto the CDMA device.
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Jonathan I wrote:

I'm fairly certain you don't need programming if the # is staying the same. You would only need i...

This is correct, the only exception is if you ported in your number from another service. For CDMA you have a Mobile Directory Number (MDN) which is your number and a Mobile Identification Number (MIN) which is also your own number if you got your number from your current provider. If you port in a number to Koodo and you're using a CDMA phone Koodo needs to assign you an MIN from their own number pool for your service to work. No big deal really, unless you switch to HSPA then back to CDMA. With HSPA there is no MIN, so it's erased from your account, so switching back to CDMA will have you automatically assigned a new MIN which will need to be programmed into your phone.