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Temporary cancel service but keep number

I will be out of Canada for around two months. Can I stop the service during that time and resume the service later? How much will it cost if I want to keep the phone number? Thanks.

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If you'd like to suspend your service but [b]keep your current phone number [i][b]and[b] your grandfathered[b] plan, a better option is to cancel your service entirely (so you pay absolutely nothing while you're away) and then reactivate it [b]within 90 days.

Beyond 90 days, your phone number may be given to someone else, and the grandfathered plan will no longer be available. The 90 days is essentially a grace period within which you can resume your Koodo service as you left it.
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Go online in self serve, you can switch your plan to a "Seasonal Hold" This blocks all network use (SMS/Calling/Data) of the phone for the duration of the seasonal hold. The cost is 15$ a month and just keeps your number active. You can have the seasonal hold for up to 6 months.

Quick note about seasonal holds:
If you are on a grandfathered plan (A old plan no longer available) then you will lose out of it and be forced to get a plan that Koodo offers at the time you want to remove it from a seasonal hold.