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telus network and koodo network

Telus is koodo and koodo is telus. how come koodo customers can't use telus network where available? I'm I thompson, manitoba and I'm using a cdma phone because my samsung galaxy note 2 does not work here, but telus cover age reaches here? I just saw so it on the internet. or koodo uses different frequency? THANKS

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With the Galaxy Note 2, that device does not connect to the CDMA network. What you'd be connected to is either Koodos HSPA network or LTE network which is entirely different from the older CDMA network and is not compatible with it either. Hope that helps answer your question. 🙂
I know that bro. Thank for the quick reply. I'm using a cdma phone. but the telus coverage does not states if is cdma. cdma cover all manitoba, but the telus coverage is just on all highway 6 to thompson.. justbwondering if they are using hspa network. if they are, how come my phone can't find it. it just picks up rogers and mts. thank
Here is an image of the map

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Thompson, MB is WAY North of Telus' HSPA coverage so Koodo won't get anything on a Note 2. The grey "Digital PCS" coverage area is CDMA. The 3G coverage is a bit out-of-date though. It actually looks more like this: http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/coverage-maps
I got that figured it out.


now, how do i activate my cdma phone manually, without mts or rogers wireless picking up?

I have to use someone phone or payphone to talk for 30 to 1 hour with koodo tecs.