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Telus/Koodo customer wants to buy one of their phones as a gift for a friend outside of Canada

I have a Telus account for mobility and home services (TV and internet), but now I want to buy a different phone for a friend out of the country. I found it at a local retailer, or I can get it off the corporate website. They don't have Telus/Koodo in South America, so I won't need any kind of account at all. How much will it cost and how long will it take to buy the phone, pay off the tab, pay for unlocking, and close my account? It's $299 for the same unlocked newly boxed phone off eBay (including shipping), and the Koodo medium tab is $200, but then I'd have to pay for unlocking. If I buy it locally I don't have to worry about dodgy vendors and will have easier returns if there's any problems, but hopefully that route won't cost too much or take way too much longer buying from Telus/Koodo (versus eBay). The phone is an HTC Desire 601. I have asked staff randomly at different stores and got answers all over the place: I'm hoping someone can give me a straight answer here. Thanks!

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What a sweet idea 🙂 So let me get this straight, you wish to sign up with Koodo on the Small Tab (Medium is not necessary, the phone is that cheap really) to get the HTC Desire for $50? There is no other way to get it for that price I'm afraid, unless you do go to a third party (with the risks that come with it). You can buy it outright for $200, but again, you'd need a Koodo postpaid account. The only way to buy it without signing up with Koodo is to buy it on prepaid, but it would cost you $350. In all cases you'd have to unlock the phone, either by Koodo ($50) or a third party. Have you considered buying a Nexus? That one is fully unlocked and very reasonably priced if you buy it directly from Google 🙂
Thanks Sophia! Haha. Yes, I got my last HTC phone unlocked so I could give that as a.gift, and then proceeded to brick-it, trying to break the HTC security to root it (so I could install a newer OS that used the MicroSD to extend the memory, and add more than just English and French language support). So now I'm in the market for new phone! hahaha 8>P A little more work than I expected, but I'm not giving up. 😃 I do need Spanish language support, and love the HTC quality and Sense interface, and the Desire 601 is smaller than the new HTC One, but a lot cheaper than the HTC One mini (which no one seems to stock, and the One Micro is essentially the same specs as the HTC Desire 601), which is great for someone with slightly smaller hands. However, I will investigate the latest Nexus, just to see what it offers. I had only looked at Samsung and Nokia and wanted something a little better. I was hoping it would be $200 (Koodo *small* tab amount) + whatever unlock fee (thanks - now I know that's $50), plus maybe one month's standard bill, but it sounds like I can't just buy a regular phone and pay it off and then vanish... I must buy a prepaid phone outright, and then get it unlocked. Which makes sense, as eBay usually prices to the market, so it's $299 eBay versus $400 Koodo for the same end result. Walmart had some new boxed in stock of this model for $298, but I think it would have been on a regular plan, and not been a prepaid model. So it looks like eBay or an online retailer that will ship to South America or Canada, and I haven't had any luck so far at all with that, but Google may be a different vendor situation! Much appreciated Sophia!