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Technology challenged

I need help. I screwed up the settings on my phone for text messaging. I want to set it back the way it was when I got my phone & can't figure out how to do it. I have a galaxy s3. Guess I'm technology challenged.

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No problem Beth, what you can do is a factory reset, however everything will be lost on your phone unless you have a GMAIL account but it will revert back to its original settings. Or if you tell me exactly what is wrong i can try to assist you as much as I can. For the factory reset: Settings > Personal > Back Up and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device > Delete All.
I was playing around with my phone & managed to screw up the keyboard. I'd like the keyboard back to where it was when I got the phone but don't know how to do it. If I do the factory rest I'd have to write down my contacts. I do have a gmail account
Never mind I fixed it but thanks for helping
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Beth Naugler wrote:

Never mind I fixed it but thanks for helping

Hahah my pleasure! Maybe you are not so technology challenged after all 😉