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talk booster loss

I got my account 5 months ago, when I opened it, koodo gave me a 100 min talk booster for free (thank you very much) and I got another 100 mins booster (because I didn't know about the free one at that moment)The point is that I had 200 mins in boosters, and today I have 86 mins / 200 mins and I barely use my phone for calls, I don't even receive calls frequently, I never make/answer international calls.

My minutes just disappeared, may someone please explain why?

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No one here will be able to tell you who you called and for how long.
but customer service definitely can.
Call in at *611 and they can give you a breakdown.
You can also check your phones call log to see all calls you made.

But Koodo is rarely wrong in its calculation of minutes used.
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Check your phone usage in self-serve. It will take a looooong time to load the first time if you haven't accessed it in a bit.

Keep in mind, prepaid calls start from the moment you start dialing and not from the moment of connection as in post-paid, so those extra seconds add up, especially rounded up to the next minute.

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Hi Carlos!

Since boosters have no expiry date, you should definitely call 611 or 1-866-995-6636 to see what happened. You won't be charged for the call cause it's for troubleshooting. Keep us posted :)