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Tab Paid Off But Bill is Still the same

I'm on the unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data for $55 plan from 2 years ago and this plan is still in effect. I paid off my tab for the S4 Phone and I was expecting my bill to drop by $15 by surprise, Koodo keeps billing me for the tab.

So, Koodo either take off the tab or I shop another provider since I am no longer under contract for paying for a phone.

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Usually when paying off your tab in full, there is a tab charge on that bill too.

Have you downloaded your detailed pdf ebill to confirm the charges are correct?
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You were never under a contract Mathew. We never had them. 🙂 You did have an agreement you started in June of 2015. So, your upcoming June bill will no longer have the $15 on it.