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Tab large restrictions

My fiancée reported his phone stolen in June. He is on my account. I was told by my local Koodo representatives that a hold would be put on his account until the remainder of the tab could be payed off. When I was continually charged monthly for his phone usage, I called Koodo customer service and was told that because of the tab large, a hold could not be placed in the account. In light of this, I have 2 ideas. The tab large restrictions should be lifted because I do not believe it is fair to charge your customers for phone usage when their is no phone being used on the account. My fiancée and I work minimum wage jobs and have bills to pay and we are finding it hard to come up with enough money to pay off his tab and continue to pay a monthly phone bill when he has no phone. Also, your Koodo representatives should be better informed about situations like this because I did not appreciate being told 2 different things by 2 different people who work for the same company. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Did you want to cancel your account since the phone was stolen? If so the Tab would be charged to your final bill. I dont know why a hold was placed on the account. For a stolen phone usually you report the phone stolen and suspend the account until you activate a new sim with a replacement phone. granted you are paying the full monthly fee with a suspended account, but that is the choice of the customer. You could have at any time got a new phone to use on the account with a new sim. The only restriction with a Tab Large is to use a tab large plan. There are no other tab large restrictions