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tab, HTC One V, what to do?

I have the HTC One V. it has problems. lots of problems. the only way to fix these problems are to either root the phone and start over or get a new phone. My dad has offered to "buy out" my HTC One V so that I can root it and fix it. However, since i'm on the tab, I don't know if i actually own my phone or have to wait till the tab is paid off. I've read enough to know that I cannot pay off the tab without cancelling. So, can I root my phone? Or should I get a new one? I've been with koodo for less than a year so i still have -105 on my tab from -150.

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The phone is yours. Koodo won't take it back after the first 14 days, so one way or another you've bought it. Rooting will void your warranty but if it's already expired you don't really have much to lose.
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Hey chelle. The OneV is indeed rootable, easily at that, but since it hasn't been S-OFFed yet (and it likely won't since development has all but stopped for this phone) it severely limits what you can do with it. However, if what you're after is root + custom recovery, you'll be fine with your S-ON device. Check out this thread on XDA forums to get started. http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1551 Don't expect miracles. Rooted+rom'ed, the One V is immensely better. But it still remains a very basic smartphone! Hope this helps 🙂