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Tab balance

Understanding my tab balance

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Log into self serve > click self serveb tab on top of the page> Drop down menu : Koodo tab
I tried that.I don't have those categories. I found under billing that my tab is $7 a month but that is all !
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That's weird. It should be here. Are you the account manager?

Mine self serve doesn't look like that. Not since the uodate and not even though it's English !
Oh..and it is my account.
Here's what my self serve looks like.

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Jackie - are you trying this through the app on your phone? If so, try the suggestions above by logging into self serve from a web browser (either on your phone, tablet, or computer). Go to Koodo.com, click self serve at the top left, log in and then follow Mayumi's suggestion above. That should work.
Thank you Ranjan...I had no idea there was another "self-serve". I've always just used my app !