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Switching to Koodo...Part Two.. APN Settings and HTC M7...Can I access 4G on Koodo Network?

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About to switch and looking at my phones capabilities...I can access Bell Mobility's 4G Network no problems but after reading here a little I checked my phone's specs and now I'm not sure if Koodos Network will be accessible using my present phone. After reading this...now I'm not sure...
These are the specs indicated on HTC web site. If Koodo uses 4(1700/2100 MHz) can I access Koodo's 4G network?
Thanks in advance...

Network22G/2.5G - GSM/GPRS/EDGE:
  • 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Europe/ Middle East/ Africa: 900/1900/2100 MHz with HSPA+ up to 42 Mbps
  • Asia: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz with HSPA+ up to 42 Mbps
  • Canada/ Latin America: 850/1900/2100 MHz up to HSPA+ 42 Mbps
  • T-Mobile (US): 850/ AWS/1900/2100 MHz with HSPA+ up to 42 Mbps
  • AT&T: 850/1900/2100 MHz with HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps
  • Sprint: 1900/2100 MHz with HSPA+ up to 14.4 Mbps
3G - CDMA:
  • 800/1900 MHz for Sprint
4G - CDMA:
  • Verizon: 800/1900MHZ, UMTS/HSPA 1900/2100MHz,GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz, LTE 700MHz (Band 13)
4G - LTE:
  • Europe/ Middle East/ Africa: 800/1800/2600 MHz
  • Asia: 1800/2600 MHz
  • T-Mobile (US)/ AT&T/ Canada/ Latin America: 700 MHz and AWS band
  • Sprint: 1900 MHz

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Yes if it connects to Bell 4G, it will work on Koodo 4G
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 Thanks Spence!!Went i to a Kiosk today...just to verify....strong data signal...but couldn't connect via voice anywhere...kept getting a recorded error message that the sim wasn't activated when trying outbound calls...and voicemail only when trying inbound..is this a concern? I wanted to dot the eyes and cross the tees before I pulled the trigger!

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Hey Greg! What SIM card did you use when you went into a kiosk? Was it an active SIM card? As Spence mentionned, your phone should be working on our network. If you were able to have a data connection with a Koodo SIM card, then everything else should work as well. Welcome to the family! 🙂
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Thanks Anna...the SIM I used was from the kiosk...a "demo"? I'm not sure to what extent it was activated..does that even happen...( partial) The manager at the second kiosk I went to to test with said the in store SIMS were voice blocked? I had data connection and sent a successful text to one of the managers at the second kiosk...Yah I went to a second one just to verify..both SIMS at both locations wouldn't allow a voice test but sms and data were successful... Ill pull the trigger on the port this evening...my wife will join us too :o)
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Thanks for the reply Greg! And the whole SIM blocked business is really strange. Definitely make sure that you are able to place calls with your phone before leaving the kiosk! Don't forget that we will need the account number of your old provider in order to transfer over your number, you can easily find it on one of your old invoices 🙂 Also, if you and your wife decide to put both of your lines under the same account, you will have unlimited calls to each other even if you both choose plans that give you a set number of minutes for the month 🙂 Thank you for Choosing Koodo and have a great weekend! 

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Thanks Anna...done deal...we were aware of the "Family Calling" feature but chose separate accounts for various reasons.Seeing five bars signal and download speeds are acceptable in the small Eastern Ontario town we live in..checked them also in Ottawa and theyre fine!
Everything seems in order,,,,registered without any problems for "self serve" and checked usage..I have a couple of questions about interpreting two of the sections but Ill have to go back and see what they were..:o(  Its early here...Ill go get coffee!
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Awesome! Glad to hear everything worked well! The coffee part is a good idea, I might just have to get on that right now as well 🙂 Have a great day!