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Switching to Koodo even though I have an active bell account

Bell just cut off my phone because of a hardware upgrade fee that I was told would be taken care of. The sales rep I dealt with said I wouldn't have to pay for the hardware upgrade because of my situation. However they did charge me and I wasn't paying towards that and just paid my monthly fee charges. Now they cut off my service. Is it possible to switch to Koodo with my unlocked phone?

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I'm sure you can, but you might have to go prepaid if you don't pass a credit check due to non payment at Bell. I'd deal with the Bell issue though as it won't just go away if you ignore it & you'll start getting harassed by the collection against and from past experience trust me it's not fun at all.
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That sucks, I'm sorry to hear that. Paul's right, though, if it goes to collections your credit gets hit and you will still have to pay it eventually... You can't just not pay your bill. You have to keep fighting it. Can I just ask for some extra information? What phone did you get on the upgrade, what date did you get the upgrade, and what "situation" was this that entitled you to a waived upgrade fee? Were you less than 6 months away from the end of your term, you were out of term entirely, or more than 30 months had passed since you renewed your hardware with Bell? That's the only way they'll waive it and it should show up automatically. Also, was this over the phone or was it in store? No store reps at any store or retailer have any sort of power to waive upgrade fees, only retention has wiggle room for stuff like that. If you did get this deal with retention over the phone, did you get some sort of tracking/reference # and the name of the rep to cover your butt? If they say anything to you, just give them that # and then they'll have to honor it. If you didn't, it's your word against theirs and you could end up getting screwed over.