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Switching sim cards....does it need to be a prepaid sim?

I'm a prepaid customer and I just bought a galaxy s6 (i'm currently using an s4) and I need switch my sim to a nano sim. Can I buy a normal sim, or does it have to be a prepaid sim?

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Unfortunately it will need to be a prepaid sim
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You also have the option of carving your sim card. Perhaps at a cellphone kiosk they may have used sim cards lying around that you could use as a template. To be fair, sim cards are not overly expensive, so if you don't do it often, I recommend buying a new sim card, in your case a pre-paid sim.
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I'd suggest just spending the $20 on a new Prepaid SIM instead of carving your own and possibly damaging the card.
ive cut many a sim, if its a fairly new sim card u should be able to cut it to a nano, the contact pads are all the same for standard, micro, nano sim card. google for a pic of a nano sim card and cut accordingly,  but u need very sharp scissors which i have.

if u fail its no loss, just buy a new prepaid sim, yes prepaid sim if on prepaid plan for $20 instore, they have the 3in1 sim now, when i went in they did. each size is precut w/the gold contact pads in the center so u just punch out the size u need.