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switching plans

hi, I currently have one the old plans where I an paying $35 per month with $400 minutes and especially unlimited incoming calls. I am looking to add data to my plan but I wasn't able to find and add it separately as an add on ( or maybe I just didn't see it). now I am looking at changing plans and getting a $45 one with data, will I still have unlimited incoming calls or is there a way to add data as an add on? I know that if I switch plans I won't be able to get it back so I want to be 100% certain before I do.

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What province are you in?  Which $45 plan are you refering to?

If you current plan does not have data, what is the data overage cost for that plan?
I am in NB. the plan I have is called Canada wide talk + text 35 dbl. when I was signed in, it seems like I saw a $45 plan but if I am not the one I am interested in is $40 with 500 min and 500 data
the plan I have doesn't have data, I just have data saver but I don't know what that means
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Awa Sow wrote:

the plan I have doesn't have data, I just have data saver but I don't know what that means

Data saver was something Koodo offered a while ago as a "pay as you go data" option, where you pay X amount for Ymbs of data and various amounts depending on your actual usage.
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The plan you're looking at offers data as well beyond what's offered too at 5/100MB or 50 per GB. The datasaver you have right now lets you have data but it will probably be be expensive than getting a new plan if you intend to use data. Also, the plans don't have fully unlimited incoming unless it's unlimited talk overall. In the case of the $40 dollar plan, you have 500 minutes of incoming/outgoing and unlimited evenigns and weekends after 5pm.

I see. so to get unlimited incoming calling, I will basically need to add it separately
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There is still a $40 (+Tab when getting a new phone) that offers Ultd CW Talk & Ultd WW Text, with PPU data at $7.50/50 MB, which will stop at $50 of usage (which by my rough math is about 330 MB, someone correct me if I'm wrong).