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Switching plans

It states on the website the 45$ plan comes with 750min +750MB of data, when I went to change my plan to that it now states its only 500min and 500MB of data???

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If you are unable to swtich to the correct plan as stated on the website, you will need to call Koodo (*611) and let them know that self serve is not displaying the $45 plan correctly and they will help you switch your plan free of charge
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You have to click on the correct province while shopping on line to get the "appropriate" plans.
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Hey Marnie! If you have not yet switched over to our new Tab system that was introduced in April 2015, then you would still be seeing our old Tab plans through your self-serve account. Give us a call at *611 and we will gladly make the change for you! Please keep in mind that if you still have a negative Tab owing for your device, it will be charged to your account. Take care!