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Switching phones while still on tab

I have an LG G4 on tab medium with about $210 left on balance, but i want to switch to the moto g4 plus, because the G4 in general is in a bit of a weird predicament right now, and i want to switch to the moto g4 plus which is up on sale for $240 on tab small right now, and i need to take a few big questions into consideration before i just go on and buy it:

1. Will i have to pay off the remaining tab balance?
2. If i don't have to pay, can the tab balance go over to the moto g4?
3. Which type is it? is it the 16GB/2GB, 32GB/3GB, or 64GB/4GB?


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1 yes. It wi show up on your next bill whatever amount is remaining.

3. It is the 2/32gb option. Not a typo, two GB ram. If you want to get a phone via the tab then I suggest the A5. It's 360 but it'll probably last you longer than the G4 Plus. Otherwise I guess the g4plus all all that's worth it for 240 range right now with Koodo. You could look to the used market for he same amount or get something outright elsewhere.
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2. You normally have to pay the previous tab balance before getting the new small tab for the G plus.