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switching phones between 2 accounts

  • 15 November 2017
  • 5 replies

My wife and I, both LG phones, wish to switch our phones. Do we just have to switch the SIM cards from one phone to the other, or is it more complicated?

5 replies

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Hi Robert,

If you are both with Koodo/Telus/Public Mobile, then yes it is that simple! :)

If the phone is locked to a different provider, then you will need to get them unlocked first. 
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Just as easy as switching the sims! (Given both phones currently with Koodo/Telus or unlocked)
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Yes, you would just need to switch SIM.
However, if you want to switch sms, contacts and data from one phone to another, then it is more complicated.
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Just switch the SIM cards into the new phone and your back and running.
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4 posts within 9 seconds of each other...thats a new record xD