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Switching phones

I have a S3 and I was wondering if I could switch the phone but keep the plan and everything the same.

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Yes! Definitely, Nicky. You can even get a new phone on a Tab (Small Tab if your plan is below $30, Medium Tab if your plan is above $30).
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Are you buying the phone off koodo? If so then are you putting the phone on the tab? Because if you are and you plan is for a certain tab and you get a different tab then no, but if you Are on a tab small plan and get your new phone paid in full or still on a tab small then yes you can. If you are on a tab small plan and you buy a new phone and put it on a tab medium then no you cannot keep the same plan.
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You can keep the same plan if the plan is over $30/month it only adds a $5 tab charge to the account if you go to a tab medium.
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Get a new phone, get a new SIM card if needed, switch, simple!