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switching phones

I have had two phones with Koodo, an Android and an Iphone 4. I want to change back to my Android and was told I just needed to switch the sim card into the android phone. How do I go about doing this??

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What kind of android is your old phone? If it uses a regular sized SIM, you'll have to get a new one activated at a store/retailer and then you can just put that new SIM in your old phone and you're good to go. If it's micro SIM, then skip to the next paragraph. Get a paper clip with one of the ends bent. Look on the right side of the phone; there should be a small slot that pops out when you stick the paper clip in. Take that SIM out and put it in your new phone, which is usually behind the battery (depending on the model of phone)
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If you need a new SIM card, you can purchase one for $10 at any Koodo shop. Then activate it via Self Serve.