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Switching my current phone to a second hand phone without changing my current plan.

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and I love my Koodo plan. I want to switch my phone to a second hand iPhone 4 but I don't want to alter my plan. Is it possible?

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Yes. You'll just need to get a new micro SIM card. Although if I may ask, what plan do you have now? If it's above $30, you can keep it and pick up a free iPhone 4S 8GB instead, you'll only pay an extra $5, plus get a new 24 month guarantee.
Note however that "free" in this case is a $300 tab. If your plan is $30/mnth, it will only take you 100 months to pay it off.
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Which is not true because the new CRTC rules states that the phone need to be paid in 24 months. You got 2 things wrong 1) It's a 15% tab not 10% 2) You forgot to calculate the 5$/month that goes to your tab And the third unmentionned thing : this is an old thread. I think the person got his answer a long time ago.